We want your vehicle! Get the best value for your trade-in!


Some of the best customer service iv recived these guys were great they worked well with me i was a first time buyer and theres is a bit of a process but they make you as comfy as possible and they listen to what your ideal car is and put that into consideration to what your situation is i got approved and drove off the lot the same day and if ur looking for your first car id recommend them a good way to boost credit as well great service great people for sure

Maria L

The staff are friendly and helpful if you are interested in buying a used vehicle and you have poor little or even no credit but have a steady income and want to improve your credit score this is the place to go.

All Christian

Very professional & friendly, Bruce is awesome to work with. They explain everything to you. Love the fact it's based upon income not credit!

Jason B.

Excellent Customer Service treated me with respect and explained everything to me .My 1st time financing a vehicle .&I did not think they would approve me. However, I WAS WRONG

It took longer than expected to get the car back the girls were very nice and helpful. But got the best help with you just show up to get help. Nicole is awesome though! Thank you!

Greg Amyot

Bought a great truck and owner and staff were professional and pleasant with tons to choose from it’s a good place to do business.👍

Arlene Sweet

Arlene Sweet

1 review

22 hours ago

Got approved for a 2010 town and country ..great job glove cars

Carol Oldenburg

Glove cars has been very good to me, I’ve purchased 2 vehicles from them and I’m looking into purchasing a 3rd very soon

Richard Sweet

Well bought number 10 vehicle from glove cars nice doing business with you

Got approved quickly. Felt great about buying. They were amazing about making sure we had payments that fit our financial situation and credit situation. The saleslady was very attentive and kind, and worked well with us. They were also willing to stay until they ensured our vehicle loan was complete. Thank you Igor Lensky!



Congrats on your new truck and thank you for letting us make that happen !

Thank you Rebecca and Josh for giving us the ablility to work with you !! We hope you enjoy your new SONIC :)

Was a pleasure working with you guys!

Thank you for doing business with us!

Congratulations Benjamin on your new truck! Was a pleasure doing business with you!

Congratulations on your new vehicle Joshua! Was a pleasure doing business with you. Enjoy the new ride. 

Thank you for your business ladies! Hope you enjoy your new vehicle. 

Thank you Joseph & Carolyn for your Business. please enjoy your new truck!

astro van

glove cars were a pleasure doing business with. They were very helpful getting the car I wanted and getting me financed. I would definitely do business with them again

Thank you one more Glovecars customer!


Dear Happy Customer!Thank you for giving us a perfect rating and for recommending our dealership to other customers. I'm sure our entire dealership staff enjoyed catering to your needs as much as you enjoyed your car. Take care!
Igor the owner


Dear Dave! Thank you for your review and for choosing our dealership. I'm happy that you enjoyed your car buying experience and I'm looking forward to having you again as a customer in our dealership.
Sincerely, Igor Lensky the owner

I'm a customer of Glovecars, it's a perfect place for anyone. From the time I walked in the door I was greeted with the onsite friendly service. Everyone from the Sales Associate to the service manager Tim, everyone was simply amazing. The immediately assist you with any questions you may have.

One of the best most important eye catchers is the 17.95% financing that's available for everyone regardless of your credit. I purchased my carfrom the over a year ago, I can honesty say I haven't had any problems/ issues since day one. If for any reason your going to be a little late on a payment they'll work with you.


But overall I can honestly say it's the best car purchasing experience I've had in my life. Come check them out, let them know I referred you!

This would be the second vehicle that I have purchased from Glovecars. I really enjoy the way each employee makes you feel like you are something special. They don't care what your credit looks like, they will get you into a nice, reliable car.

I financed a 2004 Chevy Tahoe fromGlovecars.com  Auto Sales in Johnstown ,New Yourk and I'm highly pleased with my purchase! My Tahoe will be paid off in the next few months and I've had no problems with it at all. Every time I visit the office to make a payment the staff is always pleasant and speedy with my payment processing. I would definitely recommend buying from Glovecarsif you're in the buy here pay here market.

Just purchased a car here .. great service..this is my 2nd car at this fine establishment.. ill be back again   


5 starHey just got a car from them about 4 hours ago and I love it. Thanks guys.
5 starHey just got a car from them about 4 hours ago and I love it. Thanks guys.

Great place Great team great truck thanx to all at glove cars they r awesome

                                                                          Dave & Hiedi

we r verry happy to be customers of Glove Cars they treated us with respect and answer all ??s we had; Deb and Sandra r great in office explaining the signing process etc and Dave is a kool cat and great salesman... this isnt my 1st car nor will it be the last from these guys

                                                                 Eric & Andre

Glove Cars is so good I will recommend them to anyone ...they worked with me met all my needs and even cleaned my Jeep before delivery Bravo!!!!!!!!!! need a vehicle ?? Go there right away


..Glove Cars was friendly, treated me with respect & helped us get a nice truck ...I would totally recommend them to friends and family...

                                                                Dustin & Jessica

i AM very happy with these people ,they helped me get a vehicle, then on top of everything else gave me 2 loaners cause of persoal reasons due to the bind i was in: glove cars met me 1 day and trusted me from the min they met me, it showed me they do stand by their word as they are for customer satisfaction ,they also put me in a vehicle at my available cost of living as i told them what i could afford and what my current expense for vehicle monthly payments! we the people need more truthful vendors out there like glove cars \YOU WONT GO WRONG BUYING A VEHICLE FROM THIS CAR LOT HONEST AND FOR THE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION !!!


Glove Cars is a wonderful place ... they r fun friendly and treat us like family... Everyone  helped us thru the whole process ... Id deff recommend to friends and family


From the moment I walked in the door the entire staff at glovecars treated me like family.  They approved me for a vehicle after a very low period in my life.  I would recommend anyone come down and take a look and you will leave with a great deal.  Thank you Glovecars.  My brother also brought a car here and recomended me im so glad he did 


Glove Cars is great ; I would recommend them to anyone who wants a great deal and friendly service... this is my 5th  car and they always treat me like family...Sandra &Deb in office are great...Dave is super cool and funney he even helped me with my Sirrus radio programming... Im buying all my cars here


Im extremly happy with Glove Cars ....they have been super to me and my hubby....we have purchased 8 cars from them and are always treated with respect........we r like family to them.... please go there if u need a good deal .. good car and want to be treated like you matter........keep up the great job


thank youthank you thank you Glove Cars got a nice car ...luxury love driving it .. they went above and beyond to assure id get in vehicle  ... go there they are strait up good people


As a customer of Dave and Debbie's when it comes to kindness and efficiency they certainly are the best for the job.  I cannot thank them enough for helping us find a car suitable for our travels.  I highly recommend Glove cars if you are looking for a friendly and fast experience.  Thanks so much for all of your help.

                                                       Jim& Shy 

Dave and Debbie are awsome they did a great job. they made sure our truck was save to drive and we respect that. i reccomend Glove Cars to everyone!!! very satisfied  :)


huge  thank you to dave  and debbie   and cassandra  for all your help in purchasing my new/used vehicle  it was a  very friendly expirence and hassle free  greatly appreciated  a very satisified new customer !!!!   :)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Amy Chamberlain 

Dave and Debbie have been marvelous. Purchasing a vehicle at their shop has been a hassle free experience. I am a very happy and satisfied customer. They are prompt and very helpful particularly in my financial situation. Loooove them great people and very understanding. 20 thumbs up if any one ask me.

                                                                      Daphne& Lynn

Dr. Dave, Sandy and Debbie at GloveCars are without a doubt the greatest! They went above and beyond to ensure my vehicle was safe and clean upon delivery, and treated me with the utmost respect. Approval was fast and easy, and what a nice surprise to discover it is also helping me rebuild my credit! I highly recommend GloveCars to ANYONE shopping for vehicle!

Mary Troutman

glove cars gave me good treatment and fast results... I will recommend them to friends ..good quality vehicles and friendly service


im impressed with Glove Cars they treated me right from the start... friends who had purchased vehicles here brought me because they were happy with the service too.. thanks to the great team there 


Glovecars treated me with respect when i came into their car dealership. They even opened early to help me out and they set me up with a really fantastic truck. David cleaned my truck for me informed me of the warranty. They worked around my budget. They took care of me and hooked me up with a nice ride.   


Glove Cars went above and beyond to help us get our vehicle.....they r pleasant friendly nice......Dave is awesome a great guy  Deb and Sandra care and r great help in getting financed.....They made it happen


I highly recommend Glove Cars. They were very pleasant and helpful. Everyone helped us and got us in and out. Thank you for wonderful service. 


 I went to GloveCars they are great,  especially sandy and the gang.  i would recommend them to any one who is looking for a great car or truck.    

                                                                      Walter K

I would  recommend Glove Cars to friends and family they were efficient pleasant and got me a great vehicle Dave the salesman is pleasant and  helpful


i recently purchased an explorer from Glove Cars... they r good people friendly helpful I would recommend to friends and family to go here


i would recommend GloveCars to friends and family ... they  r kind friendly and it was a pleasant overall experience


GloveCars is a great place this is my second vehicle they really worked with my special circumstances ; I would recomend them to anyone looking for fair fun and good service

I would like too recommend Glove Cars to anyone whos lookin for a sweet deal; they helped me were friendly fun and caring... ill buy ALL my trucks here from now on 


im very happy with the excellent service from GloveCars ..they r a great dealership fun friendly and  affordable i say to all in market for a vehicle: "go to GloveCars",they treated me like family


I had a very pleasant experience.. which is rare at a used car dealer, but Glove Cars were great the whole staff is personable fun and helpful thank you


5 star enjoyed the service. This is my second vehicle here and I was very satisfied with my first and have no worries about the second. Dave and everyone else here were very willing to help. I would recommend this to my friends and family


i would recommend Glove Cars to anyone who needs a vehicle they were pleasant, friendly, and I got a great deal I will buy rest of my cars from them 


i recommend GloveCars highly...I was happy with the prompt service and quality of the truck i purchased...being in the mechanic profession I know a good deal when I see it ....thanx to the whole team, I will be back when i need another vehicle!!!!!


— 5 starGood service and nice people to work with. I would recommend.....Dave is awesome


Glove Cars is amazing!!! Dave is great awesome salesman funney and personable.....Deb and Sandie r super Im comming back for my next car love my 500 classey......Pleeeease go there they care


5 stari needed a vehicle in a pinch and decided to call glove cars and see what they had to offer. they were very nice and pleasant and picked me up from my home and brought me to there lot to check out what they had to offer. they were very friendly and courteous. they had me in a car within a few hours. they are great people and i would highly recommend them to all friend and family


i recently purchased a vehicle from GloveCars I would wholeheartedly recommend you go see them for your next vehicle,,,, Dave was great helpful and attentive >>> Great office staff too


Michelle Lais — 5 starOriginally, I purchased A Tribute, but unfortunately it was damaged by an accident and Dave made it right with me by letting have the trail blazer. Very great people to work with...I would recommend them to anyone. It's all goooood!!!

glove cars was able to work with us and they are great people to deal with. i would tell people to come here


i am soo happy with GloveCars they r amazing ...treated me like family..Deb is a wonderful person helpful ...I came from the Bronx to get my son a vehicle; they helped me' even picked me up at train station Dave is funney and a great salesman  I will be spreading  cards around the city recommending them Thanx GloveCars


thanx to glove cars got a nice Mustang convertable cruisin with top down all were helpful and good friendly service


good people nice talking and got vehicle whith in a week with nothing wrong with it


I recommend GloveCars to family and friends.! Lovey customer service and very friendly people.!


Please come to glove cars,great cars.I purchase a car iam so pleased with my car.


we got a truck in record time thanx to GloveCars all went well and we recommend this dealership to family ...thanx to office gals Sandie & Deb for making the process so easy..we will be back


i have an excavating business and i say go to Glove Cars I got a good deal on a truck... and service was good Dr Dave was awesome a good worker and salesman thanx to the team


Thanks to glove cars we got the car we wanted 
with ease and they helped us every way they could, it was great they kept us updated 
on every little thing we need to know and what was going on>>>Dave&Debbie were great


  Every thing went great. very heipful and easy to work with.,id recomend GloveCars



im so happy i came to GloveCars they were great to do bus with ..Dave is cool great sales man the gals are very attentive Ill be back and recommend them to friends and family

                                                                                Dave W

Chevy Cobalt

Great place took care of me well. I like the car i got.

i would like to thank Glove Cars for the prompt friendly service they got me in a nice truck took my trade in and was a hassle free process .... Id recommend them to friends and family .....this is my 2nd purchase and i will continue to shop here


Thank You Glove Cars!!  I needed a more reliable vehicle for my family and I found a great car for a great price and low monthly payments!  Thanks again!  

                                                           Rich & Helen

kudos to GloveCars they got our family into a great Jeep.. I have room for my kiddos now..please go there anyone can get a car.. they r pleasant fun and treat u like fam

                                                                           Duane & Tracy

thank you to glove cars ..Im a single mom and was in desperate need of a car..the team there got me financed and driving in just a few days... the staff is friendly fun and treated me like family/ Yea!! i will deff return at trade in time.. Thanx again


thanks to glovecars we got our chevy silverado truck!!....we really love it alot!!!....its a great place to find a car and everyone is awesome there!!! they all treat you great just really great people!!! dave is a funny guy but hes really awesome too!!! soo happy we found this place!!!!....thanks for everything!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     char and larry!!!

i would like to thank GloveCars for getting me in a truck ;love my Silverado no more borrowing from friends or walking around town; the staff is awesome gals in office rock they were patient with me for comming in frequently and "buggin" them/ Dave is crazy salesman Ill recommend them to friends they treat you like family


i would like to thank the staff at glove cars they r all amazing/ Mark the salesman was great, funney &attentive I am very happy with the service and ease with wich my purchase was made....Bravo ill recommend to all i know looking for a car


Thanks Glove Cars for a great car-buying experience!  We'll be back again!-The Smiths

very happy with the service and my new truck, they are willing to work with you. will be back to buy another car for sure!


thank you to the lovely staff at glove cars for working so hard to get me my dream truck . they are awesome five thumbs up from this satisfied customer.


Thank you Dr.Dave for the awesome Pt cruiser. im very thankful that you took our trade in and accepted us. we appreciate it. We will be back in the future for another awesome car.


i recently purcased a truck from GloveCars and I have to say they treated me well ...i was waiting for my truck for a lil while as there were issuses to work out ; but all in all great service...they made sure my needs were met and the office staff is amazing thanx to all.... will recommend to friends and family


got a civic its trill. love it. its cool.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  K UNIT

Thank you so much Dr. Dave for working with us on a trade in and getting us in a vehicle. We will be recommending you to our friends and family.

gloveCars is a great place to buy a vehicle.. they were prompt with service..got my car in 2 days... they even met me earlier to open and deliver the car to me.... i was impressed Dr Dave is a good sales mgr answerd all my ??? s ...all staff treated me good.. i was recommended by a friend who had purchased a vehicle.. and I WILL be doing the same... Thanx to all at this fine dealership


thank you,Dr Dave i appreciate you&how GloveCars business  worked with me 


GloveCars is great they got us in a car quickly and we were approved!! Dave was awesome attentive to our needs Deb and Sandra got finance going .....Deb was helpful when we had to sign electronically as we our not to computer friendly/ thanx to a great team; we will be bringing family members who r looking for a auto


i would Like to recomend GloveCars... I had a positive experience. they were helpful and friendly& even tho I got it a couple days later than i expected, still over all a pleasant experience they were helpful when signing document and answerd  questions and concerns that i had...... 


GloveCars got us into a nice affordable car safe for our family and they are very nice people!
                                                               Alexandria & Daniel

This is the best, most positive car buying experience Ive ever had. I highly recommend Glove Cars to any and everyone. Easily the absolute best! 

GloveCars is a very friendly& good place to do business with they r family oriented :)

                                                                  Ashton &Amanda

i love my new truck. the people that helped me out were very helpful. they did a great job on all the details. glad i came here and did business. would definitely recommend them to all. 


The people that helped me and my family are so friendly and nice. they were so helpful and worked with us. we would recommend them to everyone. our vehicles are great and we love them. thanks for everything!


Was very pleased when i came down to Glovecars.. I was in an out and the paper work was simple and they explained everything so that I could understand. also when Icame to pick up my vehicle the monthly payment was cheaper then what i was told over the phone ;very happy with my new truck and recommend Glovecars to everyone with bad credit or no credit  !!!


I would highly recommend Glove cars for all your used car needs!! I have had great luck with them and hope to do more business with them in the future. 


we have recently bought a car from glovecars. i couldnt be happier with the assistance from everyone here. they are very pleasant people to deal with during a important purchase.

My husband and I recently purchased a Merc Mountianeer from GloveCars, I want to  say that I am happy with the service i recieved the staff was friendly and treated us with respect....... i will recommend this dealership to all my friends they rock!!! 


I would highly suggest coming here to get your car! I had looked for weeks trying to find the right car, then one day my brother in-law told me to check out Glovecars. Keep in mind that I have no credit, I was just starting off and I am currently a senior in high school so I didn't have much of a chance to get a car. Glovecars worked very well with me to help me find the perfect car for me! Although there were bumps in the road and it was a long process, it was well worth it in the end. I love this place and most of all they were very cooperative and convenient. A major thank you to the people at glovecars.. But an absolute big thank you to Debbie.. who talked me through everything.. who calmed me down when I didn't know what was going on. I honestly couldn't have down it without you!


Dave and Sandie are great to work with. The atmosphere is great. Good people.  


I Talked With David And Was Very Happy Dealing With Him  And Debbie. Sandra Is Awesome. I Will Reccomend  Anyone To Deal With These Amazing Friendly People . I Will Definatley Be Back.


 GloveCars went out of their way to make sure we got the truck.  they r good people we already recomended them to others  


I would like to take this opportunity to say what a good experience at GloveCars I had; they treated me like family because they r family the dream team of Dr Dave ..Deb and Sandra is awesome a fun experience that i would recommend highly


i recently purchased a Chevy Avalanche from GloveCars in Johnstown they treated me very well and I d recommend them to friends and fam they got my truck in a prompt manner as I m a truck driver and had to leave on the road....... Dave Deb and Sandra worked with me thanx and keep up the good work


 GloveCars got me in a truck asap: great place 


Glovecars helped me get a car when other places turned me away. They understood that as a broke college student and with only my grandmother to help that we couldn't afford a major car payment every month nor could we afford to put thousands of dollars down. The Ford Focus looks fantastic and they did their best to get the car ready and the keys in my hand in a reasonable time frame. If you're looking for a good secondhand car I recommend Glovecars. The staff are very helpful and kind and understanding people.  


I recommend Glove Cars to everyone. Dave,Sandy, & Deb are such wonderful pleasant people. 


Glove cars offers exceptional service. I'm very pleased with my car. Dave and Sandra worked hard and went out of their way to get my payments in affordable price range. I rate the service and my new car 10/10 I recommend their business 100% :) 


had the best experience ever buying a vehicle at Glovecars in Johnstown NY It was nice to walk in and not be treated like I was  just another customer. Amazing friendly family who were all great to work with. 


Thank you so much Deb and Dave for the New vehicle.  I would recommend GloveCars to any of my friends and family.  Great place to work with and awesome people.  Thank you again so much...:)


I am very happy with the car, the people at Glove Car were all very nice and Dave is a great salesman. I would also refer other people to the company.


im very happy with GloveCars ... i got a nice Chrysler 300 ....the customer service is great.. they were all very nice I would recommend them to friends and family


I just bought a 2004 Dodge Durango from Glove Cars in Johnstown NY and I would definitely recommend them to anyone if they ask me for a good Dealership I am going to automatically recommend Glove Cars to them. The employees here are all polite and right on the ball. I am giving a big thanks to Sandy, Debbie, Igor, Dave and all of the mechanics that worked on my vehicle and got me in it as quick as they did.

                                              Thanks to Everyone at Glove Cars for having patience with me
    Derek J. Leach

i highly recommend GLOVE CARS. they have fast service and they were very helpful. 

I want to thank Dave and the the gang at Glove Cars for finding me the vehicle i wanted at the price i was looking for.They went above and beyond to make me as comfortable as possible from start to finish. I would definatly recommend Glove Cars to anyone who is looking for a nice pre-owned car to stop in see Dave and Debbie. Thanks again - Sincerly Sean Brown

Dave rocks. got the car i wanted and everything! best dealer around. 

i would  recommend GloveCars to my friends and family the staff was very professional and fun too i purchased a Dodge Avenger paid cash and i love it....Go there for all  your auto needs

Just bought myself a new car from The Doctor here at Glovecars the service  was great from the minute i pulled into the lot with my old car to the minute i drove off the lot with my new 2005 Ford Explorer 

I recommend glove cars. They are friendly and willing to work with you in whatever way they can. If your low on money and need a vehicle fast glove cars is the way to go. Even starting out with your first very vehicle they are wonderful. They are very understanding people. 


I got a mountaineer from Glove Cars, we are very excited to have it. When we got there they put a full tank of gas in it. The ladies that we worked with were very nice. I would recommend GloveCars to anyone!


Thank you to Doctor Dave and his wife Debbie  and daughter Sandy for making it possible for me to get a great car for my family ... I would  defiantly   recommend these guys again .. Thank you so much for making  this possible again !!!!  


I would reccomend Glove Cars to family and friends, they are accomidating and willing to work to get you into the vehicle that you need. Thank you. :-)


i am very pleased with how i was treated at Glove Cars in Johnstown ..they were fair and honest I got  my vehicle for my family so we could be comfortable....Mark was friendly and explained all to us... the staff is good I would recommend to fam and friends anytime 


we recently purchased a car from the great people at GloveCars  in Johnstown..... the crew was great,fun, helpful; Dr Dave is a good salesman who took an intrest in us and our needs we will recomend to friends and family thank you all 

                                                      Chad & Bianca

i would recommend Glove Cars to friends and family; they r an awesome dealership... answered all my ??? s got me a fair price and I got the truck I really wanted....Dave Deb &Sandra were helpful and made it easy; love my Colorado


i would like to recommend GloveCars ;they were very helpful in getting me the truck I wanted ;thanx guys I will buy my next vehicle from them 

                                                  Corrinne K

Glovecars is a great place to buy a car when your in need of financing. Dave and Debbie did a great job for us and we are very happy with the service here. They are both very friendly and work hard to make a deal work for you. 


GloveCars and there employees Did a good job hooking me up with a reasonably priced car in a giffy.Thanks guys.


I d like to thank GloveCars for the great service and good quality car at a fair price..the staff is knowledgeable friendly and fun its a great place to buy a car and i would recomend them to friends and family....ill deff be back to purchase another car


Im very satisfied with GloveCars i would recommend to family and friends they treated me great got a nice vehicle Sandra is on top of her game & Deb is friendly and knows her stuff Bravo!!!!


The customer service at Glovecars was excellent. Sandy, Debbie, and Dave went above and beyond to see that I was placed in a car that is reliable and within my budget.

Service was friendly, quick, and just good in general. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a car or truck. Prices are fair and they work with you to make sure you get what you want. 


I came in on a Friday I was very undecided on the type of vehicle I wanted.  The people that work here were fabulous in helping me and very patient as I requested to test drive numerous vehicles until finding just what I was looking for.  I ended up purchasing Lexus RX 300 which I'm very content with.  They helped me through the whole process from getting credit approval to the last step of switching my car insurance to my new vehicle, that I am driving away with today!


GloveCars  in johmstown has  excellent service.. Please come and buy a car from them. They assistance with all your needs. Excellent Service.Tina Mcnally  

I'm very satisfied that Glover Cars met my terms. I'm very satisfied with my overall experience and I'd recommend Glove Cars to anyone looking for a used car.

i went to Glove Cars and am soo glad I did they helped me get a nice car at a fair price.... were nice quick and made me feel comfortable when explaining  contracts ... this is my 4th time to purchase a vehicle here ..i would recomend to friends and family 100%    Sandra Deb and Dave r all great ;please go see them


I am happy with Glove cars services They were kind and explained all the details to me I would recommend them to my friends!!!!!


Wonderful!! Great costumer service very friendly and helpful and worked with me.  Dave is awesome and gets back very promptly!! Definitely a place to go if your looking for  a vehicle with a great customer satisfaction.  Glovecars you rock :)       


We recently had the opportunity to purchase a vehicle from Glovecars.com.  We were impressed with the friendly service and quality of the vehicle - not to mention the nice trade-in for our old vehicle.


Just recently financed a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Dave, Deb, and Sandra were extremely helpful since this is our first time leasing a vehicle. I would recommend going to Glovecars if you need a vehicle and are not looking to spending too much money. 


I recently purchased a new car from Glovecars,  I have  to say The service is amazing and Dave and Deb were very friendly and very helpful.I highly recommend Glovecars.



I came in one Saturday afternoon and found my Dodge Neon here at Glove Cars test drove and fell in love with the Neon. Glove Cars knew i liked the car and work their miracles; and by Wednesday I was driving away in my new car. Thank You Glove Cars I will definately recommend you to someone who is looking for a car 


I came looking for a reliable affordable car and in dealing with Dave and Debra had an excellent experience! Bought an Oldsmoble Alero and after a few days of having it and finding minor flaws they made good on repairing minor issues ! Highly recommend Glovecars! 


i have received great service here and everyone was wonderful to me! i feel very happy and secure with my purchase! the transition was very easy as well! thank you all so much! it was a pleasure doing business with you!!                                                           sincerely                                                                                                                                                                                 Michelle

Very Helpful

I came looking for a car and I was helped very well.  It took longer than I preferred for repairs to be made before pickup of my car, but they did keep me in the loop all the way through and were very respectful and polite throughout the entire process.  As long as the car continues to perform the duties I need it to, I will recommend Glove Cars.


Super Friendly and Flexible

Many thanks to Dave, Debbie, and Sandie!  A great no pressure sale.  Fair and reasonable prices.  Dave is a super salesman and knows his stuff.  Debbie is really friendly and sweet to deal with in the office.  And Sandie is the "Great and Powerful Oz" with the credit system.

I'll recommend Glove Cars to all my family and friends.

Thanks so much!
Todd and Donna

i would like to recommend GloveCars to all who r searching for a good ..honest.. and downright fun place to buy a car the staff Sandra,Debra, and crazy Dave are all attentive ,professional and helpful ,I got a nice truck and they even took my trade in ....anyone should go here for a pleasant experience


great service ...excellent... they were very helpful at GloveCars....Deb and Dave were helpful and professional.I would recommend this dealership to anyone; looking forward to enjoyind my escape.....I am Cab free now thanx to GloveCars


best service ever my wife i so happy thank you for every thing ·

What a great thing you do! Not everyone with poor credit just "refuses to pay" their bills. Life happens. Kudos to you!

this has been a easy and pleasant experience.....I would recommend GloveCars to Family and friends......I got a nice Jeep ;Dave Sandra & Debra were helpful friendly and attentive


Dave at glove cars treated me real good. did real nice job getting my car ready. if anyone needs a car this is the place to go.


i would recommend this dealership to Jesus Christ himself. this has been the best experience in my life. if anyone is looking for a car i would take them to gloves cars myself. i will be comming back for future dealings. thank you so much for this time to better myself. 


i think dave and debra& sandie are very nice to us, i think people should come here because they were very sweet and very good to us, they also help us out with everything and got our payment down too!! love these guys and women! so you should come here to see them they could help you like they did me;  they made me so happy today!!!!!


i would like to thank the staff at glove cars; Debra ad Sandra were helpful and answered all my questions I will recomend them to family and friends; I have a got a good Jeep and a good deal


i recommend Glove Cars to anyone ; they gave me great customer service....Outstanding got the vehicle my gal wanted we r both very satisfied; the whole crew Sandra Debra and crazy Dave were all attentive to our needs


i just purchased a bravada from glove cars and i am very happy,they are very friendly and i would recommend anyone to stop in and check them out,any one is approved,and they will work with you...im very happy.


I would recommend Glovecars to anyone looking for a nice vehicle for a reasonable price. The service was great and they we really willing to work with me to get me into a vehicle that i wanted. I would come back here for future vehicle purchases for myself or family members.


I am happy with the service that was given to me at Glove Cars


i was very pleased with the people at glove cars, they got me into a great vehicle and did it quick.  I would definitely recommend glove cars to anyone who asks, Dave Debra and Sandra are great people thank Glove Cars.. 

iam very happy with glove cars i will tell family and friends  about them  make sure you ask for dave he is great.


I got a 2008 Buick Enclave thru Glove Cars... Dave the salesman was wonderful, explained everything to the tee... They worked with me, Debbie and Sandi are GREAT!!! I would Def.. Recommend to anyone....

I am in love with my car, They cut me a awesome deal...
Highly recommend... Will definitely come back if and when the time comes 


I would like to thank Sandra,Deb,and David for my wonderful new vehicle . I bugged all of them for weeks and weeks to help me figure out what vehicle i wanted i test drove every vehicle on the lot almost and finally we found my baby a Mercury Mountaineer very nice truck they went above and beyond for me for this vehicle and had it ready in 1 day for me . thank you guys so much and i would reccommend you guys to anyone. I am very pleased and happy with the truck.


Glove cars are wonderful people. Dave Sandra And Debbie were very accomidating and very pleasant to deal with. they got me in a new car in a very timely fashion. it truely is a great place and i will recomend them to my friends and family.

Jeffery P. Chapman

I am very happy with the service i received at Glove Cars. They got me into the reliable car that i wanted and for the price i wanted. They made it very easy to do and fast service. I would definitely recommend coming to Glove Cars. 


Im very happy with the service at glove cars. Dave is a great guy the sale was easy and very one was friendly. They washed my new truck and it looks great. I would recommend anyone who needs a car to Glove Cars.


just bought a new truck from glovecars! such great experience awesome helpfully frendly sales people! would definitely recommend glovecars to anyone! 

I now have 2 vehicles from glove cars. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking. Dave the salesman is very helpful and friendly. And the rest of the staff as well. All my questions have always been answered. I love it here, and will probably return again. Thanks guys! U're the best!

the service was really good by dave, deb and sandie and the cars really nice, priced right and they really know how to take care of you when u go there, so i would have to say if your looking for a car thats nice and inexpensive ..this is the place to go for your first time going to a dealer  so i give them a thumbs up for there job done well


edward goodsill treated well very proffesional.staff was helpful 

I went to glove cars for my first car and Dave and Debbie helped me out greatly I would definitely recommend other people to buying cars at this location. There s also a variety of many cars to pick from. Even tho i didn't have the best of credit they were still able to help me out. They also have very fast service and Im
 pleased with everything they have helped me with thank you.  


I recently came into an issue with my old vehicle and had to get myself a new set of wheels, and on my budget I didn't exactly have a fortune to spend. After chasing down a few leads from friends on private sales and hearing a few people mention the name "Glove Cars," I decided to stop in and check it out. I had been here once before just to check some things out, but this time I was in need. I test drove two vehicles, and ended up with an 06 Cobalt, and with no credit, I was financed! I have to say I'm impressed. 


I had a great experience with Glove Cars, they got me approved for 2007 Hyundia Sonata, beautiful car, and the best car I have had since I started driving. I'm a college student, a stay at home mother, and its wonderful to know that I have a beautiful car to drive around in now. Thank you Dave and Glove Cars for getting me approved. It was a great experience. 


I had such a great experience working  with GloveCars; they helped me when i really needed it! They are such great people......I would advise anyone who dosent have the best credit  to come by/ OR if u r a college student (like me) and want to build credit and get a nice car go there!!!!!!!!!!!


i was very happy with service at GloveCars / they took my trade and got me in a newer van; perfect for my constuction business ..the whole staff was helpful  I would recomend  to family and friends


Dave and everyone at Glovecars made it so easy for us to purchase the vehicle of our choice.  They were very helpful and prompt to delivering my vehicle to me even before when they had promised.  I would recommend to anyone looking for a car to stop by and see Dave.  


Dave's the man!!! I had a great service! I got a car that i really like for a good price! Felt like family, honest and super friendly! I love this place would recommend to everyone!!!!!! THANK YOU DAVE.


Service was excellent. Helped in every way to get us in a vehicle that fit our needs. will definitely recommend to friends and family.


i recently purchased a Cadillac SRX from Glove cars I am very happy with the whole processes I was treated well, got a good deal, friendly staff; beautiful SUV ..... I will be recomending  GloveCars  to my friends and family/ Thank you Sandra;Debra; & Dr Dave

                                                                  Joe &Shannon 

my name is noel . i was very and satisfied with my experience. they definately helped me out. i would recomend glove cars to all my homies

happy with deal great place... and the service team of Dave Deb and Sandra i would purchase a vehicle again and recomend GloveCars to friends

I recently purchased a Ford from glove cars..... this is not my first purchase here  nor will it be be my last I am happy with the great service i got......Dave the sales mgr is friendly attentive......Sandra has been doing bus with me for years and has always looked out for me.....Debra was helpful explained contract etc; great team at GloveCars looking foward to many future years with this dealership

                                                                                                                      H W

i recently purchased a vehicle from glove cars Paid cash...... I M happy with the service and way I was treated i would certianly return for a vehicle here thanx to the team of Dave Sandra & Debra


we would like to recomend glove cars to all who r looking for a good vehicle.. our Trailblazer is the 5th vehicle we purchased from GloveCars Sandra and Deb made us feel like family with a charming persoality and great service...Dave in sales is fun caring and a lil nuts.....it is a great experience and WILL NOT be the last car we purchase from here.....Great job

 Everyone from Glove Cars was so helpful and kind. Dave always has a smile and was always ready to help us with anything we needed. Sandra was amazing with paperwork and so helpful with any questions that we had. Deb made us feel at ease with her kind personality and witty humor. They let us test drive as many cars as we wanted and made sure we left completely satisfied. Can't wait to start my new nursing classes in my SUV from Glove cars!

i would really like to thank all those involved in my purchase of the 2008 ford ranger .its a very nice truck .i will get many years of use from it.thanks again.jd.cole

we are very happy that we came to Glovecars.; they r the nicest people ;treated us like family great to do bus with Sandra was helpful and prompt; Deb explained what we were signing in a understandable respectful way; Dave is a great sales man attentive...... We will recommend to friends and family

glove cars was great!!! i got my first car a  2005 kia van on my own, i want to thank Dave and Sandra; had some wait and figuring out but its great ,and i will be telling friends and family about them

This place was very good got everything i needed nice fast, they will help anyone.  If you are looking for your first car you should come here because they will with( good or bad credit)  place you in a car that you like.  I would speak to Dave because he is nice and got everything done fast. 

The staff at Glove Cars were very laid back and I felt comfortable buying a car from them. Knowing Debra personally, I know that they're good and trustworthy people to do business with. David and Sandra are also really professional and friendly. I love my 2002 Focus! 

we are so happy we came to glovecars. we came in when we had no time to lose , we needed a car today!! and they made it happen. all friendly and helpful staff..thanks so much to dave, sandy and debbie..you don't know how much we appreciate all of your help. you went above and beyond for customer service. 
thanks so much
thomas and carol benton

It has been a pleasure to do business with the people of glove cars. thanks to Sandy,Debbie and Dave for a wonderful vehicles and also for getting us financing for both vehicles and they have such a great selection of cars and trucks from compact cars to SUV's  they can finance every one and that s the truth  they have great customer service and really make you feel right at home    Thank You  BeverlyAnne and Timothy Houle 

i am very happy with my new vehicle. they treated me really well and are very nice :)

 The people at Glove Cars are Kind ,friendly, interesting to say the least, came out on top with a good deal and nice truck would come back for another vehicle. 

Glovecars is awesome i am very happy with my Trailblazer.... customer service was great, Sandra is amazing... Ive already recomended to friends... they treat you like family... this isnt my first or last vehicle that I will purchase from glovecars KUDOS!!!!!


Awesome service friendly people. And most importantly a new ride!

I went to glove cars and the customer service department was great i love my new trail blazer it runs and looks great i give sandra alot of credit for all she does she is the best thank you glove cars . 

                                                                                                                                                  mr and mrs palmateer.


I have just purchased a 04 Grand Cherokee from Glove Cars and am very satisfied with the whole experience...everyone is very professional and the whole experience was quite enjoyable.......


glove cars went beyond the call of duty to get me approved....i am happy with my car.. I would most deff recomend this dealership to all my friends.....Dave is awesome very attentive.... its hard for me to trust, but I trust Glovecaes.... great payments too

Tif/ Al

dave was very helpful.... we were looking for a truck... and we recived the best service .... they even waited for a month til our pension came in.... I would recomend Glovecars to a friend and family member

I'm very happy and over joyed

"I visited your dealership for the first time, my car sales person, Dave, was amazing and very friendly. I'm very happy and over joyed by my new used Toyota Matrix. It runs great. I would recommend your dealership to any one. Great Job!!! Keep Doing It Well. C.W

"I love my Chevy Trailblazer from Glovecars Finance. TJ was great to work with and the Buy Here Pay Here Program was easy and hassle free as was described! I will definitely refer more people here. Thank you! S. T

"The number one customer service was provided to me by Sandie. She's a very good representative for the Buy Here Pay Here Program." K.F


I want to thank Dr.Dave and the team of Glove Cars for there wonderful customer service. They went beyond the need of help to make sure i got the car and deal that was right for me. If i had to rate there service i would have rated them 5 out of 5. -Thank you Glove Cars-


I was looking for a dependable, nice and safe car.I came to glove cars and they were very friendly and showed us a few cars. At first the vehicle I weas looking at,I didn't really like. I came back and Dave let me test drive another. I had fast service and very happy now.


i was well takin care of and Dave had answered all my questions.i would refer others to this dealership.they sure know how to take care of a customer....

"The guys with Glovecars Finance have been very helpful. They gave me many options to look at when choosing my new car.Dave has been pleasant and easy to deal with."
T. C

04 Dakota

Dave and Sandra were great! I'm happy with the vehicle I have purchased. I would recommend this place to anyone.

I've finally found a BHPH dealer I can trust! Glovecars.com def. has the customer in mind. They treated my fairly and outlined the BHPH buying process in a very simple and straightforward fashion. They sold me a Chevrolet Impala. When I first took delivery of the vehicle I had a few minor issues with it but they took care of it very quickly. I highly recommend this car dealership. Igor Lensky the owner of Glovecars.com Auto Sales provided great customer service. His sales staff and car dealership have a very professional and honest approach to helping people with bad credit.

Meeks Family

Meeks Family Our family needed a larger vehicle. We had been shopping but no one would approve us. Not only did we get awesome customer service, Sandie here at Glovecars.com made it simple for our family to drive around together again. Thanks !

"I love my new Chevy Trailblazer from Glovecars . Lee was great to work with and the Buy Here Pay Here Program was easy and hassle free as was described! I will definitely refer more people here. Thank you!

We looked at seven different dealerships for the perfect car for an extra car, now that both of our teenagers are driving. I am so glad we came to Glovecars. Everyone was wonderful, and I like that TJ made sure we were comfortable, without being pushy. We must have heard every line in the book and it gets annoying on the car lots. Dave, the salesperson, was very smart, and also respecting that this is big purchase for our family.He let us drive several cars until our two boys and I reached a happy compromise. At the other places the salesmen were trying to sell to the boys excitement over sports cars, that my husband and I were never going to go for. Everyone knows that is precisely why insurance charges more for young male drivers, they are likely to drive fast and unsafe, showing off for their friends. By the time we left, everyone was happy, which is a rarety between parents and teenagers....at least in our home. Thanks to TJ and Dave, two fellow dads.

Thanks so much to all of you. This is the fourth truck we have bought for my company from you, and just as before, we are very pleased with your excellent service! Thanks for allowing my mechanic to stop by so early in the morning! I know that was very early to open up, and I appreciate it!

Christina D. 1/23/14

Easiest loan approval I have ever had. Customer service was great.
This process was fast and easy and everyone I spoke to was very nice, accommodating and knowledgeable. I'm very happy with my choice so far!